Revoltech Transformers – Shockwave

Continuing our series of custom Revoltech Transformers characters, here we go with Shockwave, the quiet Decepticon strategist.  You don’t know who’s side he’s on…. besides his own.  Despite the order that I’ve presented them in, this figure was my very first custom toy of any kind (if you don’t count disassembling and rearranging GIJoe figures at age eleven).

I can still recall the pangs of mild fear the first time I took a dremel tool to a perfectly good toy in order to strip away unneeded parts to make way for a new awesome toy.  I halfway suspected I was going to create an unrecognizable mess that would have to be trashed, much like a college kid’s first try to bake something.  In retrospect, I can find plenty of things that I could have done differently, but overall, I’m not unhappy with the end result.  While not my best work (I’ve gotten a little better!), I still proudly display him, even though the Custom Robots offering (more on that later) now has the prime real estate.

You can find Mirage here and Sideswipe here.

‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle.

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