Mega Joe Project: New Joes, Dreadnoks, & Oktober Guard

I’ve gotten behind on posting updates to the Mega Joe Project, but I haven’t slowed down on the progress, so here are three new groups of figures I’ve added to the collection.  First, Zartan needed his Dreadnoks because who else is going to sit around in an abandoned cabin or gas station with him drinking grape soda?!  Nobody, that’s who, so all the main players of the gang are here.  I might make some of the lower tier ‘Noks down the road, but for now I’m content with the assembled group.

Russia, Russia, Russia… needed to stick their fingers in the geo-political special forces pie, and that means only one thing: The Oktober Guard.  In my world, the fall of the Soviet Union was only a minor setback for the ruskie counterpart of the Joe team, and I assume they are operating around the globe in service of communist regimes everywhere, just like always.  These are characters that rarely get much love in Joe figure form, but I figured that if you’re gonna do the OG, you gotta go big.  So I made most every Guard member I could think of, even some of the more obscure ones.  But the original five will always be my favorites, and they always listen to Brekhov, no matter how many generals they put above him in the chain of command!

And because all the forces of evil were getting new recruits, Joe was not to be outdone, adding some much-needed characters to the Mega figure ranks, as well as some reinforcements from the Steel Brigade.

Hope you enjoy these additions to the project!  ‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle!



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  1. Cardboard Bots says:

    This is such an amazing project. Outstanding!

    1. nacho says:

      Thanks, glad you’re enjoying them!

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