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Displaying all of your hard earned plastic acquisitions is a rewarding part of being a toy collector.  And few toys make a better display than Masterpiece Transformers (and their third-party brethren).  Near-perfect representations of the characters we watched on TV and played with in the living room floor many moons ago, MP TFs are complex, elegant, and crank the nostalgia meter to 11.

As such, lots of fans wish the painted backdrops of the cartoon were available to use in personal displays.  One such fan took that idea to a new level, and has made a repository of all the TF cartoon backgrounds from classic episodes.  Known as “OptimusTimeLord”, he has an entire thread dedicated to high-res Transformers background images, and you can find it here.   Take a minute to peruse all of the scenes he’s painstakingly captured, and if you’re a member of the TFW2005 forum, give him a shout out, as he’s done some great work.

Since my particular Transformers Season 1 display lives on top of my desk hutch, I needed something wider than the typical 4:3 screen image would accomplish.  Thus, I took two of OTL’s high res desert pictures and did some photoshop voodoo on them to make a huge widescreen backdrop.

Aaaaaaaaand, Presto Change-o!

I had this version printed 6-feet long, and it makes the perfect background for my 1984 lineup of MP Transformers.  You can download the high-res version of my amalgamation here if you want to print your own.  And thanks again to OptimusTimeLord for all the original pics.

‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle.


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  1. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Thanks for sharing the backdrop I appreciate it… It’s really awesome for my collection.

    1. nacho says:

      No problem! I can’t take credit for the original art, but I just photoshopped two of Optimus Timelord’s images together and did some fractal interpolation. But it definitely makes me smile seeing that scene behind my figures. Apparently people like it, as I’ve seen it in many people’s pics. Every time, I think to myself, “Hey, look at that, I helped!” 🙂

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