GI Joe 1/12 MASS Device


The pictures tell the story, but if you want to know how I got here… keep scrolling 😉

One day I was perusing Aliexpress, looking for 1/12 accessories to enhance any dio scenes I might be making for Joe, Marvel Legends, etc, and I ran across some 1/12-scale bell jars.  I immediately thought that they looked like the containers used to house the three catalytic elements used in Cobra’s MASS device, i.e. the radioactive red crystals, blue heavy water, and yellow meteorite fragments.  Then I began to wonder if I could find some junk to simulate that look, and to my surprise, I did (not pictured, the heavy water is blue hair gel – don’t tell Destro).

So as any crazy person worth their salt would do, I said to myself, “What good are the three elements if you don’t have a MASS Device?  Duh!”  So I set about designing a giant box with all sorts of intricate control panels and glowy things (it’s a technical term, don’t worry about it).  Like all modern engineering marvels, it began on the back of a Dilbert daily calendar page.

And there you have it.  Lots of screws, glue, paint, and plastic sawdust later, it’s a MASS Device!

‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle!

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