Mega Joe Project: Cobra Hydrofoil


Cobra was very Jealous that Joe had a Hovercraft, requiring that I give the baddies some sea-worthy hardware.  Thus the Hydrofoil was the obvious build target.

Sharp readers will be quick to point out that my build doesn’t actually have the hydrofoils, and that’s on purpose.  I always considered this just a fast attack boat, and even in the cartoon and comic, rarely did they ever deploy the hydrofoil feature.  As it stands, this was an extremely challenging build, and I didn’t want to double the effort for a feature I didn’t really care about that was also going to cause me to do a lot of cutting that might have compromised the structure also.  It just wasn’t worth it to me.  So as a result, I just made a fast-attack Moray. I have no regrets.

The build includes the tilting deck missile launcher, lower-deck access hatches for additional troops, swiveling turret cannon on top, removable missiles, removable torpedoes, depth charges, removable engine cover, and more.  The build was more complicated by the relative rarity of dark red bricks.  Mega and Lego both do not produce a lot of stuff in this color, and as a result, I did not have nearly enough of anything.  I placed more orders via bricklink to get what I needed for this project than all previous projects combined.  Thanks to Mega’s Call of Duty and Halo sets, I have plenty of fantastic green, gray, and black parts.  Dark red?  Not so much… So progress was extremely slow.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out.  The little Lampreys were a ton of fun to make too.  Enjoy!

‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle…

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