Snake Eyes – Rod Whigham

In searching for the artwork for the previous post, I came across one more piece that I thought I should share.  This is a Snake Eyes sketch done at a convention in the mid-80’s by none other than regular (at the time) GIJoe artist extraordinaire, Rod Whigham.  His pencil work from the majority of issues 31 to 56 (Jan ’85 – Feb ’87) really defines the title in my mind as a high-water mark of the Marvel series.

He was doing his best work, as was writer Larry Hama, and it’s hard to think about great characters like Ripcord, Candy Appel, the Soft Master, and Wade Collins or events like the creation of Cobra Island, the birth of Serpentor, the invasion of Springfield, or the destruction of the second Pit without images of Whigham’s striking panels popping into my head.  But this drawing of original v1 Snake Eyes always brings a smile to my face.  Enjoy!

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