Articulated Icons – 6″ Feudal Series


When I learned of The Fwoosh’s attempt to make their own line of Marvel Legends-esque figures, I was intrigued.  This was quite an undertaking that had the potential to be great or a spectacular mess.  They wisely made the figures distinct and tried to build their own mythology, yet simultaneously made the figures modular and customizable.  The heads, arms, hands, and gear are all interchangeable.

Each figure comes with a host of weapons, two or more heads, several sets of hands, and some even come with a stand made to look like a clay tile roof  – and the stands are interlocking and wall-mountable!  Sets of extra bare arms and hands were also available.

Below is a picture of the nine figures I bought, more or less how they came out of the package.  Each looks great in their own right

But looking at the next picture, it’s easy to tell how much variation can be obtained by just doing basic arm and head swaps.  Given the themes of this site, it should not take a rocket scientist to see where I’m going with my particular figures.  A little paint here and there, and I’ll be all set.

Range of motion is extremely similar to a 6″ Marvel Legends figure, with the addition of ball-jointed wrists.  The ab joint doesn’t crunch quite as well as a ML and acts more like a swivel, but I appreciate that they didn’t get overly aggressive with this joint because they could have really ruined the clean lines of the figures if they had tried to get more crunch out of it.

So far my only minor gripe is about the softer plastic used in the hip T-bar.  On many figures, the thighs grip the ball so tightly that moving the leg forward often causes the t-bar to flex rather than the ball slipping inside the socket.  I have concerns that the bar could get stressed or break if I’m not careful trying to pose them.  If I can get the hips to free up a little with lubrication, freezing, or some other method, these guys should be practically perfect.

I know The Fwoosh guys climbed a steep learning curve to get these made, and with the factory issues and delays,  it wasn’t easy.  However, the results are fantastic, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result that was definitely worth the wait.

I genuinely hope that they attempt other themed lines going forward… may I suggest military (modern and/or ‘Nam era), western/cowboy, or even some kind of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider-esque adventurer line.  Now that they have the knowledge learned from this round, the possibilities are endless.


‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle!

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