Small & Furious: Mega Hot Wheels Showdown


A couple of years ago, my son Alex (now 13) was inspired to make a 1/64-scale diecast car race using the most iconic vehicles we could muster. We started filming during the ’17/’18 holiday season, but quickly life happened, and it went on the shelf for a while. Fast forward to March 2020, when a buddy (thanks Eddie!) hinted that we should use the COVID stay-at-home time to resume the project, and it proved to be a great suggestion.

Thus, for the last several months, we spent every saturday shooting footage and every sunday editing and coming up with ideas for the next week’s shoot. As we went, the project ballooned beyond the original plans, but that just made it wackier and more fun in the end. Our movie making skills are… rudimentary, but we learned a lot along the way, and hopefully it shows. Place your bets, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

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  1. Great job guys. Lots of crazy fun.

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