Revoltech Transformers – Wheeljack

Continuing the revoltech G1 love, Wheeljack proved to be exceptionally difficult to make in revo form, as his proportions in the cartoon shift substantially from what a real car would.  His chest and feet become car parts that are completely different scale from his legs/shins.  I ended up casting parts from two different sizes of Lancia Stratos Turbo diecast cars to get the look I wanted to achieve.

Fortunately, I had enough forethought with this figure to take some in-process pictures.  As you can see, he started out life as a Hot Rod and had a host of custom cast parts and little bits and pieces from some model kits attached to give him Wheeljack’s signature features.  Casting parts is fun, but I still haven’t mastered all the nuances since I only need to custom cast once every year or two.  Maybe one of these days I’ll cast enough to justify upgrading my equipement.  But for now, I’m happy with the results I got here.


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