Knocked-Up Sideswipe 1:18th Comparison

Last week, I posted a gallery of oversized Masterpiece Transformers, but they were all in bot-mode.  Given that KU Sideswipe is 1:18th scale, perfect for all of your 4″ action figures, I wanted to post some pics of him in Countach form with some other 1:18 diecast cars.

Below are pics with a cheap Bburago diecast Countach and more expensive red and yellow Kyosho Countach diecasts.  Overall, the KU Transformer stacks up pretty well from the outside, unavoidable panel lines notwithstanding.  The size is pretty much spot on, and while not as detailed as the high-end diecasts, I think it’s more than adequate for what it is.

The only downside to this comparison is that it makes me yearn for more knocked-up Transformer carbots in 1:18 scale.  Bring on the Datsuns, Lancias, Countach repaints, and the rest!

‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle.

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