Revoltech Spider-Man

Last week I received a box from Japan, my first revoltech figure in the 6″ scale, Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Man.  While this isn’t a full-blown review, I wanted to take some pictures that really show off the finer points of this figure.  He has joints galore, lots of extra interchangeable hands, different webbing effects, and even multiple eye-inserts so that Spidey can emote all different kinds of expressions if that’s your thing.  They went all-out with the accessories.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed.  Standing still in a normal resting pose, he doesn’t look as good as a typical Marvel Legends figure, with many of the joints looking awkward and breaking up the lines of the costume.  However, his greatest strengths lie in the amazing poses that stretch the bounds of human anatomy but are regular staples of Spider-Man imagery.  Honestly, at a stab of $60, I don’t know that I need a full line of this type of figure, but for Spidey, having a figure that can contort this much seems like a no-brainer.  He captures the movements of the character better than any figure I’ve ever owned.

So without further fanfare, here is revoltech Spidey.

‘Til all are one, collecting is half the battle.

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