G.I. Joe – Mega Bloks: Cobra – The Enemy

Continuing the spotlight on custom Mega Bloks GI Joe figures, today I’m posting the adversaries of the Joe team, the ruthless terrorist organization: Cobra.  This group had it’s good and bad points while making them.  The designs were simpler, and making repeats of the nameless/faceless troopers require less thought.  However, it got a little monotonous by the time I started painting the boots on the sixth Snow Serpent (I HOPE YOU GET FROSTBITE, #6!).

I really enjoyed the process of designing these, having to hunt the right parts, heavily modifying some, and planning each look to closely resemble the old ARAH figures.  I admit my painting skills are not perfect, but painting anything that small freehand is a challenge.  While some came out better than others, I’m overall pleased with the results.  COOOOOOOBRAAAAAA!

You can find the Joe Team in a previous post here.

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