Revoltech Transformers – Sideswipe

In the mid-2000’s, Japanese toy company Kaiyodo released a series of highly articulated, non-transforming 4.5″ figures based on some G1 Transformers characters.  Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus (a white Prime repaint), Megatron, Starscream, and Hotrod were the only characters released before Kaiyodo moved on to different scales, movie figures, etc., and left the G1 fans wanting more.

Not to be left with a barely-begun collection, I decided to make some figures of my own.  Buying as many leftover figures as I could find and afford to use as bases for customs, I set out to bring more characters to life.  This also involved finding other donor parts, learning to cast with resins, and generally improving my customizing skills that were previously latent.  These were my very first custom toys, so be kind.  Enjoy!

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